Hi, I’m Garrad Mathews

I am a visual creative based in the Kansas City, MO area who enjoys working with people to make things that are engaging, fit within good design, and express purpose with simplicity and appeal. I am unapologetically a design generalist, but that gives me the freedom of digging into all facets of the visual.
My process as a graphic designer, web-developer, photographer and copy writer may not be typical by industry standards, but fundamentally, design is a process of learning, experimentation, and detail. One must be the tool of understanding the platform with an open idea to perspective and opinion and a unique flow to solution.
I have lent my desire for technology and the visual aesthetic to rock bands, small businesses, newspapers, teachers, and major corporations for nearly 20 years. Logo design, branding, and photo reconstruction are my passions, but I am no stranger to Web sites, photography, and writing a well-rounded article. Let’s work together!


Bachelor of Science

University of Central Missouri

2006 – 2009

Communication and Writing

Associate of Arts

Metropolitan Comm. College

2004 – 2006

General Education


Herndon Career Center

2002 – 2004

Computer Networking


Graphic Design

Curriculum Vitae

Informa Engage

Digital Ad Trafficker
2018 – present

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Hy-Vee, Inc.

Assistant Manager
2006 – 2018

I ensured continuous sales by monitoring and maintaining a constant stock of product and moving items based on special orders in a timely manner while learning and maintaining a working relationship with customers and vendors. I developed a sense of market trends which helped me and my department exceed sales goals, resulting in two first-place quarterly inventory numbers for the Kansas City region with record sales.

The Examiner

Photographer / Writer Intern
2009 – 2009

I developed advanced oral and written communication skills through obtaining information from a collection of sources, usually under strict time restraints, and through several forms of media. I photographed current events and public figures in a wide-array of topics to deliver specific and detailed information to readers.


Tape Librarian
2003 – 2006

As a Tape Librarian, I recorded and stored sensitive information via automated machines. I maintained daily communication with technicians to work as a team to manage the follow-through of complex office automation to ensure information was documented and stored with no errors. I supervised correspondence with off-site backup services by sending and receiving classified documentation as stored on magnetic tapes.

Portfolio of Work

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